August 21 Schooling Horse Trial with Dog classes

Sunday August 21, 2022

The Valinor Farm Annual Dog and Pony Show! 
A Schooling Horse Trial with  the addition of some fun classes to showcase your barn dogs!
Your dog wants to bring home the blue too!
Proceeds from the dog classes will benefit the MSPCA at Nevin Farm.

Horse Trials and Combined Test Divisions:

  • X-Rail: (combined test ) 2019 Intro Test A , Cross-rails
  • Elementary: 2022 Starter Test, max height of fences 2′
  • Intro: 2022 Starter Test, max height of fences 2′ 3″
  • Beginner Novice: 2022 BN Test A, max height of fences 2′ 7″
  • Novice: 2022 Novice Test A, max height of fences 2’11”
  • Training: 20122Training Test A, max height of fences 3’3″
  • Modified: (combined test) 2022 Modified Test A, max height of fences 3’5″

Dressage Tests offered:

  • 2019 USDF Dressage tests or 2022 Eventing Tests
    (all Dressage tests are ridden in a small arena).

Dog Classes:

  • All for fun!  Prizes for first place and ribbons to 6th!
  • Proceeds will benefit the MSPCA at Nevins Farm
  • Dog Classes:
  • Agility:  An obstacle course where each obstacle is awarded X points upon completion.  The entire course is timed.  The dog with the most points and the fastest time wins.
    Barrel Racing:  Handlers with dogs on a leash race around the standards in a specific pattern.  Fastest time wins.
    Hurdles / Puissance:  A set of hurdles and then a single high jump.  Dogs with clean jump rounds will continue to the next round as the high jump is continually raised.  The dog that clears the highest jump wins.
  • Musical Sit:  Dogs on a leash walk along with music.  When the music stops dogs must sit.  Last one to sit is out  until we have a winner.
    Trick or Treat:   Show us your dog’s best tricks!   Each dog will perform 3 tricks.  Our panel of distinguished judges will award each trick with a score of 1-10.   Points are accumulated and the highest score wins.

Entry Fees:
**Easy Online registration and Payment option – Check the Links at the top of this page

  • Schooling Horse Trials  $150
  • Combined Test $95
  • Dressage Tests $40 each test
  • Additional Stadium rounds $20
  • Dog classes – $10 each (pre-registration is not required for dog classes).
  • Post entry fee,  entries not paid by closing date (1 week prior) or any changes after closing date $25.  Times will not be assigned for unpaid entries.

General Information:

  • Rings: All tests will be ridden in a small dressage ring.
  • Stadium: will be held in the outdoor ring with all weather footing
  • Prizes: Ribbons to 6th place will be awarded in each division.
  • Rules: Competition will follow USDF / USEA rules.
  • Food: Will be available on the grounds.
  • Dogs: Must be leashed at all times.
  • Stabling a limited number of stalls are available for $50, email the secretary to reserve
  • Times: Will be available on our website the Wednesday before the show.
  • Refunds: Before closing date less $25 office fee. After closing date no refunds will be given unless space can be filled. Competition cancellation no refund.
  • Fees: $25 fee for all changes after closing date, post entries,  lost pinny or returned checks.
  • Secretary:



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