Schooling Jumper Shows

Valinor Farm Mini Show / Schooling Jumper Show Series
Nights Under-The-Lights

Our Jumper show Series will be affiliated with the Grazing Field South Coast Series.
South Coast Series

2017 Schedule  (the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of May – August,  *July 1st show is on Saturday)
May 3 and 17
June 7 and 21
July 1  (Saturday – starting at noon)
July 19
August 2 and 16

Unjudged warm up 4:30 – 5:30.
Classes start at 5:30 pm,

W) Unjudged warm up
L1) Lead Line Equitation (for children 8 and under).
L2) Lead Line Pleasure (for children 8 and under).
F2) Walk-Trot Equitation (may not enter class 4 or 5)
F3) Walk-Trot Pleasure (may not enter class 4 or 5)
F4) Walk-Trot-Canter Equitation.
F5) Walk-Trot-Canter Pleasure.
1)  Ground Poles A      2)  Ground Poles B
3)  Crossrails A            4)  Crossrails B
5)  2′ Jumpers A          6)  2′ Jumpers B
7)  2′ 3″ Jumpers A     8)  2′ 3″ Jumpers B
9)  2′ 6″ Jumpers A    10)  2′ 6″ Jumpers B
11)  2′ 9″ Jumpers A   12)  2′ 9″ Jumpers B
13)  3′ Jumpers A        14)  3′ Jumpers B
15)  Gamblers Choice 2’6 – 2’9″


  • Entry Fees: $20.00 per class , 20.00 per warm up
  • Show management reserves the right to combine, cancel, reschedule or divide classes when deemed necessary.
  • All classes to be judged according to USEF Rules, unless otherwise noted. Judges decisions are final.  Prize and six ribbons to be awarded in each class.  A  Champion and Reserve will be pinned in each division.
  • Entries may be made in advance using the Online Registration, by mail, emailed to, or in person.  A $10. post entry fee will be charged for entries made the day of the show. No exhibitor numbers will be given out without payment and a completed, signed entry form.
  • Attire-  All riders must wear an ASTM approved helmet  when mounted- no exceptions. Casual jumper attire -short or long-sleeved shirts-( no tank tops )  and jodhpurs/breeches with appropriate boots or half-chaps.
  • Please, no smoking– this includes parking areas, ringside, and anywhere else on the show grounds.
  • Schooling permitted only in designated areas
  • There are no restrictions as to age or status of riders.

  Jumper Classes (1-14) will count towards South Coast Series High Point Awards


  •  All  ‘A’ Jumper classes  will be run as Timed First jump-off.  (all clear-round riders will remain in the ring for the jump-off course).
  •  All ‘B’ Jumper classes will be Speed classes (First round timed, no jump off).
  •  ‘Gambler’s Choice’  Each rider will have 60 seconds to complete a course of their choosing.  Verticals will score 10 points each, Oxers to score 15 points. No  obstacle may be jumped more than 2 times. After allotted time is up, Riders may attempt the “Joker” jump, to score 20 points, may be jumped 1 time.

 Valinor farm will not be held responsible or liable for any damages occurring to persons, horses or property while on grounds. Exhibitors enter show under these conditions.