USEA Horse Trials, June 10

Valinor Farm USEA Horse Trials  Sunday, June 10, 2018

USEA-logo-RGBOffering PT, TR, NOV, BN and INTRO divisions.
Rider divisions offered at all levels.

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Announcers:  Chris Kent
Parking:  Bill Risso, Joe Santos and Craig Benoit
Secretary Booth:  Ann Marie Johnson
Start Box: Dana Risso
Score collecting:
  Lisa Risso
Scoring: Ashley Mascio
Ring Stewards: Beth Dubrawski, Betsy Bodner, Kris Eastman, Courtland G, Heidi Hinkle,Alison Bodner


Stadium and Dressage Scribes: Sue Shiels, Ellyn Montgomery, Mary Storch, Heidi Cooley
Awards: Chris Fulcher and Ann Marie Johnson
Cross Country Judges and Setup Crew:
Abby Dubrawski, Alison Bodner, Andrea Shill, Victoria Radin, Craig Benoit, Ellen Montgomery,  Hillary Miskoe,  Julie Howard, Dawn B, Tina Hurley, Crystal Fulcher, Joe Santos, Victoria Rice, Craig and Janet Sweeny, Heidi Hinkle
and many others that I did not catch names for!






Valinor Farm is proud to be participating in the The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.).  To participate, please include a copy of your T.I.P. identification card.  Don’t have a card…please visit to register for one. Entries accepted up until the start of the competition.
Eligibility & Awards –
1. BN Low score Thoroughbred Award – $75 prize money and prize
2. N  low score Thoroughbred Award – $75 prize money and prize
3 T  low score Thoroughbred Award – $75 prize money and prize
4 P/T Low score Thoroughbred Award – $75 prize money and prize

Additional Information for competitors:

Beginner Novice and above Horses and Riders: USEA mandates that all riders and horse competing in USEA recognized competitions at the Beginner Novice Level and above must have a valid competing USEA horse registration and USEA Membership. ALL foreign competitors including Canada and Mexico must have a valid USEA membership and horse registration to compete.

Beginner Novice Horses: USEA requires that all horses competing at the Beginner Novice level should be registered with at least a restricted status. There is no cost to register a horse with restricted status, but the owner or rider must have a USEA ID number to register the horse.