Valinor Farm Social Distancing Policy and Visit Times

Valinor Farm Social Distancing Policy  (updated  5/20/2020)
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As you are all aware, Valinor has been strictly closed to all except essential staff per Governor Baker’s recommendation.  We are very appreciative of our clients for supporting us through these very trying times.  MDAR made it very clear that as long as the welfare needs of the animals were able to be met, each facility should limit their capacity to the most minimal amount of personal.    The horses’ exercise needs have been being managed by our small staff of riders, but it has become clear that many of these horses would benefit from more activity each week.  For this reason we are opening up doors on a very restricted basis for owners, by appointment only, to help address and supplement the exercise needs of their horses.

  • Owners will utilize the  Visit Log  Calendar, to schedule their ride slots for each week and the Lesson Schedule Calendar to schedule lessons.
  • We are opening up to allow for daily visits.  2.5 hours time slots which must be booked in advance.  This become our log as required for the COVID operating policy. 
  • The barns will be completely OFF LIMITS to all except Essential Staff . If you need to drop off supplements/etc they must be left outside on one of the picnic tables and the Staff will retrieve them for you.
  • The bathroom in the indoor is available if needed. You MUST wear a mask at all times when entering the barn.
  • Owners will be allowed into the Tack room their first appointment only, in order to retrieve any tack/grooming supplies that they may need. Masks and gloves MUST be worn at this time.  Owner will keep whatever equipment that they may need in their car (or trailer); they will not be allowed back into the Tackroom until the Barn is back up and running as normal.
  • Owners may only utilize their horse’s individual paddock and outdoor riding spaces, the indoor will remain closed.
  • Valinor reserves the right to cancel any appointment at any time. In the event that inclement weather is apparent and horses are in their stalls, all appointments scheduled for that day will be cancelled/rescheduled.
  • We are working on a policy for inclement weather.
  • There will be 4 assigned time slots each day (9:00 – 11:30, 11:30-2:00, 2:00-4:30, 4:30-7:00) with 6 Riders allowed for each slot. At 7:00 Barn Staff will decontaminate gates/hydrants/leadropes utilized by Riders.
  • Please be mindful of CDC guidelines at all times. Adhere to the recommended 6’ social distancing at all times.  Gloves and masks are recommended, but at this time we are not requiring them to be worn out in the fresh air.

How this Will Work/What to Do when you arrive for your Appointment:

  • First thing: WASH HANDS! The outdoor sink will be set up outside the barn with running water, soap, and paper towels.
  • ONLY go to your horse’s paddock. The ONLY things you should touch are your horse’s gate and leadline/halter.
  • Groom/Tack your horse in their paddock. You may lay the leadline over gate if necessary, but please do not actually tie to the gait or fence (obvious safety hazard).
  • There are also 3 sets of cross-ties in front of the top barn that are available for tacking up if you prefer.  Please sanitize them before and after each use.
  • You may use any outside mounting block and are welcome to ride in the outdoor arenas and hack. Arena gates are to be left untouched and locked open.  Jumping is not permitted at this time (working on a policy for this).  If hacking, please stay to the perimeters of the field/on roads as we are growing hay.
  • Return to your paddock to untack/etc your horse. If you need to sponge them off you must use the hydrant for your horse’s water and your own sponge/bucket/scraper.  You are welcome to hand graze in any of the fields/hunt course.
  • Please be conscientious of your time, we will be very strict on this. If your assigned slot is 11:30-2:00 you may not arrive before 11:30 (if you do you must sit in your car and wait until your reserved time) and you MUST vacate the premises by 2:00.
  • If you have any questions/concerns while at the barn feel free to text directly to Robyn/Erin/Lisa. Also, MDAR has made it very clear that lessons are not allowed at this time, but we are aware that some of you may feel more comfortable with some supervision as many have not ridden in over 2 months.  Erin will be available for ground support/safety by appointment.


Please understand that this policy is fluid and ever-evolving as we try to best accommodate our clients and horses needs as well as remain within the guidelines published by MDAR.  It is imperative that we all take this seriously; opening up our doors in any capacity does increase risk and we all need to be very conscious of that.  Please act as though you may be an asymptomatic carrier, you don’t want to risk affecting anyone else!  And of course, if you have ANY thought that you may have had an exposure, please STAY HOME.  If our staff gets sick there will be no one to care for your horses!  That said, we believe that we can manage the risk effectively if everyone adheres to these guidelines.  Looking forward to breathing some life back into the barn, see you soon!