Dog Classes Online Registration

It’s time to showcase our barn dogs!  All proceeds from these dog classes will go to the MSPCA at Nevins farm.  Bring your dog to support a good cause and have some fun!

Ribbons and Prizes are awarded for each class.
Special prizes are awarded for our ‘Doggy 3-phase’. Dogs registered for all three phases will have their scores totaled just like our Horse Trials!
We have some great prizes from our generous sponsors.  Thank you to:
Barnstable Farm and Pet, Smart Pak, LItchfield Animal Wellness, Flatlands Foto, Black Dog, Smith Family Popcorn and more!
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Valinor Farm August 20 On-line Registration for Dog Classes
multiple handlers for the different classes is fine.
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Dogs must be leashed at all times. Exceptions only during Obedience and High jump classes.
Section 1: Assumption of Risk and Waiver By signing this agreement you acknowledge that you and your guests are on the property at your own risk, and hereby specifically release, indemnify, and hold Valinor Farm, its owners and agents, harmless from liability for any claims which may arise out of your activities on the premises. In signing this contract, you are binding yourself, your survivors, your agents, or any other person seeking to assert claim on your behalf, which arises from an accident occurring at Valinor Farm, even if such accident results in a permanently disabling injury or death. You, by signing this agreement, also acknowledge that you have read and understand the following notification pursuant to Chapter 128, Section 2D of the Mass General Laws. Section 2: Valinor Farm Medical Information and Treatment Release If medical care is required for the rider/student named below in conjunction with any Valinor Farm activity or related transportation, and if normal permission is not available in a timely manner, the undersigned authorize appropriate medical care as deemed necessary by emergency medical personnel, a physician, or the medical facility providing treatment.
Warning Under Massachusetts Law, an equine professional is not liable for injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Chapter 128, Section 2D of the General Laws. By signing this form I also acknowledge that I have read, understand and will adhere to the COVID restrictions put in place by Valinor Farm, as of the date signed below.
Payment Method
Payments received the day of the show will be assessed a $10 post entry fee. If you pay using PayPal your registration will be submitted and you will be redirected to the PayPal interface.